Welcome to Südtirol Rafting Expeditions

Come experience a sparkling white water trip in South Tyrol! As we conquer the rapids and waves of the Passer River, you will enjoy impressive views of the Alps and discover diverse flora and fauna along the river.


  • But not so fast – Saftey first!

  • Before we start you´ll get professional equipment

  • Then we will take you to the start of the tour

  • Before you go into the water, you will get a detailed briefing

  • We have a GoPro with us, the videos are free!


Everyone can take part in this white water adventure!

Our South Tyrol Rafting Experience team consists of four certified rafting guides, who have many years of experience both as raft guides and canoeists. Our team speaks German, English, Italian and Dutch. All of our guests can rely on the highest of safety standards. We also always make sure that our rafting groups are small and manageable.

Here at South Tyrol Rafting, taking a respectful approach to the environment is important to us. We are guided by the recommendations set by the German Canoeing Association.

Our Tours

Whether you are new to rafting or a longtime white water fan, the South Tyrol Rafting Expeditions team looks forward to meeting you and taking you on your next adventurous river trip! Welcome!

  • Preis 104€ pro Person

  • 4 hours

  • distance in the river: 9 kilometers

The river is calling us! The floods of the “Passer” require commitment and endurance. The Expedition Tour is only ridden from high water levels. So better be ready!

  • Price per person: 84€

  • 3 – 3,5 hours

  • distance in the river: 7 kilometers

Our Rafting Adventure Tour is aimed at all those who are looking for an athletic challenge in South Tyrol.

  • Price per person: 10-14 years 50€ above 14 years 60€

  • 2,5 – 3 hours

  • distance in the river: 4,5 kilometres

Our family tour is particularly suitable for families with children above 10 years of age. One for all, all for one!

  • Price per Person: 69€

  • 2,5 – 3 hours

  • distance: 5 kilometres

The Light Tour is an easier rafting tour. But depending on the water level this tour can also be very fast.

  • We will make you an individual offer

  • Group discount from 10 persons

  • Duration is depending on tour

We also offer special tours for larger groups, companies or associations that are interested in team building or simply a company outing. Come share your passion for white water and tackle obstacles together!

  • Give away an adventure

  • Voucher individually designable

  • print your voucher

We create your individual voucher, for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and much more.